Python Rope Cinch


What would you build if you had the right resources? What would you create to solve those problems that irritate, those problems that simply diminish the joy in your boating adventure?

Tom Prezioso and his wife found themselves asking these questions, revisiting them while building a boating lifestyle with their children on their lake and through the intercoastal waterways of Florida. After years of traveling to boat shows, their appreciation for rugged, durable, and high-quality boats and equipment became apparent. However, most of what they were finding didn’t live up to real life.

Almost everything would fail far too quickly. In a single season of use, fender and bumper hangers would break; the latches would snap off; and straps or cams were binding and yellowing. At the end of the day, they were simply cheaply built and difficult to use.

In 2016, the Preziosos founded Northern Lights Engineering and began a new adventure: to design, engineer, and manufacture high-quality products – the kind they would use each day… if only it existed. The newly established company’s mission became innovation based on experience and needs, rather than on market research or data analysis, and quality became priority, never to be sacrificed for money or mass-discount retailers.

A local engineer with over 20 years of product design and development expertise alongside a local sales expert joined the team and today, the PYTHON family of fender hangers and rope cinches has become one of Northern Lights Engineering’s great achievements.

Easy to use and dependable, PYTHON fender hangers and rope cinches have become the choice for many pro anglers, sailors, and, yes, even everyday boating families. Because life is about enjoying what you love, and having a fender or bumper hanger fail when you’re trying to dock, well, that should clearly never be part of anyone’s day.

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